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A Book is Born

… And with one final push, she arrived! I’m so excited to announce the release of my latest book collaboration from ABRAMS publishers. This precious book came to life in such an organic way, it must surely have been star-crossed. It was conceived by my friend Heng Ou, founder of the postpartum nourishment service MotherBees. Inspired by her own diverse postpartum experiences, which included receiving the traditional Chinese protocol of zuo yuezi from her renowned Chinese herbalist relatives after one birth and swinging close to postpartum depression after another, Heng wanted to create a book that fused recipes and advice for other women to help then navigate postpartum.

Anyone who knows Heng knows that she is a fascinating blend of earthy calm and liquid magic—she played a mysterious and benevolent part in my own pregnancy, sending me prayers for conception, then guiding me towards midwives for my pregnancy care. When she told me, “I want to do a book!” I confess, I tried to talk her out of it because the challenges of selling books in a celebrity and social-media obsessed marketplace are considerable. But her vision refused to fade and when a casual mention to my literary agent, Marc Gerald, elicited this extremely unlikely response: “Zuo Yuezi? I love zuo yuezi! I’ve been looking for the people who could translate it for the masses!”, I knew this book was destined to exist.

You can read more about the incredible circle of women friends who came together to create it on our dedicated blog. The special-ness of this project radiates from the pages; I hope that every person who holds it in their hands feels the love with which it was made. You can also find us on Instagram at #thefirstfortydays

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  1. Christina Gerald
    | Reply

    Where can I buy the book??

    • amelygreeven
      | Reply

      We love to support local booksellers, so ask your favorite local bookstore! (Though we are also on the big A, of course). Thanks for asking!

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