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Greeven & Belger: My Writing Partnership

Some projects work better when you tackle them as a team. As half of the writing duo Greeven & Belger, I have experienced how powerful two can be when it comes to accomplishing books from scratch and creating complete website copy. Berkeley-based writer Marisa Belger and bring two sets of knowledge and experience to every project as well as two problem-solving minds, and we can often deliver material in significantly less time than a single writer. Especially drawn to writing about women and wellness, we paired up to co-write The First Forty Days with author Heng Ou. We have also revamped websites for major organizations and created content for leading wellness brands. We maintain separate projects and clients, but when the right project calls us, we leap on board with capes flying in the wind, tackling it as a twosome.

What spurred two wordsmiths to step out of their solitary writers’ caves, leave their egos behind, and split prestigious projects in half? Our kids. Though Marisa and I had long danced around the idea of collaborating, trying it on for size on small brainstorming and editing sessions over the years as self-employed writers, having children made pairing up a necessity. The stress of writing-to-deadline when small, teary beings needed us more; the fatigue that comes with parenting, and the unpredictability of day-to-day life meant we needed something that writers almost inevitably, and painfully, lack—support.

So far, we’ve worked together in various capacities on three books, including a new release for Rodale in collaboration with a leading voice in the wellness field. With my deep expertise in nutrition, wellness, and years of writing “the voices” of celebrities and thought-leaders, and Marisa’s unerring editorial ear for real readers’ needs and experiences, not to mention a studied connection to yoga, spiritual practice, and mothering of her own, when we put on our G&B hats, we find that idea-generating moves faster, editing sails along quicker, challenging days juggling family and work feel a little softer, and the entire process of creating a book or copy project is about 100% more fun than if we were going at it alone. And for writers, “fun” is something that too often barely gets a look in.

Good things happen when moms circle up.

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