Meghan & F40D

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UK tabloid The Sun may not always be the most reputable source, but in this case we’ll take it! The Duchess of Sussex has (apparently) called our postpartum book “her bible.” We’re thrilled she can help spread the message of dedicated maternal care wider! The article claims, “She was recommended this book, read it, and then sent it to Meghan who said it had become her ‘bible’ – she wants … Read More

Now Out: Harmonic Healing!

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Just launched from Rodale Books: A brilliant collaboration I did with renowned healer and subtle medicine guru Dr. Linda Lancaster. Foreword by Terry Tempest Williams, testamonials by Robert Redford and others. Not a bad mix of legends in one book! Dr. L explains how to safely live in a polluted world, tending to your physical, mental, and emotional fields. Working on this book turned my brain inside out … please … Read More

Grit & Grace

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Super stoked to have helped icon of music, fittest-man-in-Nashville, and all around awesome guy Mr. Tim McGraw capture his health and fitness philosophy for HarperWave. He can inspire even the most entrenched couch potato to get after it and change their life! I learned a lot. Stay tuned for a November release.

Jimmy Chin x Hanah

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Oscar-winning Freesolo director Jimmy Chin may not remember but he helped me any my husband meet. He also introduced me to modern Ayurvedic brand Hanah, which brings time-honored Ayurvedic supplement products to busy, stressed modern folks. I loved everything I tried when I wrote about them for The Purist, especially their superb Chyawanprash called Hanah One. This is a daily supertonic taken for all around support and wellbeing; it’s super … Read More

EMF Alert

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A brief look at the cell-scrambling effects of manmade radiation and the at-home steps that may help to mitigate it, for Winter issue of The Purist. What I do personally? a) Live fairly remotely b) Hardwire router & remove Smart Meter from house c) Wear a GIA biofield pendant d) Turn of Wifi on computer when writing e) Take weekly radiation-reducing sea salt and baking soda baths, outlined in my … Read More

Space Shaman

Melinda Joy Miller of Shambhala Institute has cleared three of my homes, making them better places to live, and in one case, helping to clear the, ahem, entities that stood in the way of a property sale. She’s also a gem of a human—the sweetest, kindest energy worker, shamanic gardener, master of the invisible, and entity-chaser you’ll ever met. I was so happy to feature her work in The Purist; … Read More

The Business of Influencers

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For The Purist’s first issue of Summer ’18, I wrote about how Influencers both macro and micro are shifting the way we discover new products in beauty and wellness—and how the savviest ones are launching brands of their own. “To create a cult beauty product, follow this recipe: Identify an unaddressed but universal need. Formulate a single, multitasking product of clean, cruelty-free ingredients. Package it in a sexy, selfie-worthy tube, … Read More

New Book: Dr Frank Lipman

It’s here! My new book collaboration with doctor, healer, and Good Medicine guru Dr. Frank Lipman, published by Houghton Mifflin, is out now. A field guide to staying well in an increasingly unwell world, How to Be Well is an unconventional health book that offers a choose-your-own adventure style journey through our six-ring “Good Medicine Mandala.” Frank and I felt it was time to shake up the way that health … Read More

Golden Door for Purist

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Stepping inside the legendary SoCal oasis of self care, Golden Door, was a magical experience. Read about my experience with F-Factor nutritional phenomenon, Tanya Zuckerbrot, in the Winter Issue of The Purist.

Uma and Ayuna for Purist

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Profiling two genuinely transforming, and completely nature based and toxin-free beauty brands for The Purist … and both of them founded by pioneering and visionary women. Beautiful products with visible and palpable results. I’m a convert! 

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