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Jimmy Chin x Hanah

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Oscar-winning Freesolo director Jimmy Chin may not remember but he helped me any my husband meet. He also introduced me to modern Ayurvedic brand Hanah, which brings time-honored Ayurvedic supplement products to busy, stressed modern folks. I loved everything I tried when I wrote about them for The Purist, especially their superb Chyawanprash called Hanah One. This is a daily supertonic taken for all around support and wellbeing; it’s super carefully sourced and masterfully created from thirty herbs including aswaghanda and myriad other adaptogen and hormone-supporting plants swirled into super pure ghee, sesame, and raw honey, by silver-haired Kerala doctor Dr. Venugopal. (Who also graciously spoke to me for an hour on Thanksgiving night on Skype from India, chatting about preconception care for our sequel book to The First Forty Days.) You can take Hanah One from the spoon with warm water, or stir into a morning chai or coffee. Chyawanprash has always been a favorite product and I love how Hanah is bringing to a whole new audience! Read more in the magazine’s Winter issue here.

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