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New Book: Dr Frank Lipman

It’s here! My new book collaboration with doctor, healer, and Good Medicine guru Dr. Frank Lipman, published by Houghton Mifflin, is out now. A field guide to staying well in an increasingly unwell world, How to Be Well is an unconventional health book that offers a choose-your-own adventure style journey through our six-ring “Good Medicine Mandala.”

Frank and I felt it was time to shake up the way that health books are done—21-day programs and endless recipes can be great for some, but overwhelming for others. Instead we created a comprehensive manual / survival guide to the many diverse habits that we know help us to be well, and let the reader pick how they want to try them—a clean sweep, or one at a time. We also went wild with groovy illustrations, because who said health advice has to be black and white or boring? This is a book to keep out on your coffee table and get dog-eared from use! See more about the book here.

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