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It is such a thrill to be featured in the very chic journal! We love that they loved our book, and also featured it as one of their essential gift items for Holiday 2016. They wrote: “The days and weeks following birth are an intense time of transition, learning, rest, and recovery. Both mama and baby are experiencing the fourth trimester, as they learn to go from sharing one body to being two separate beings. The modern mother, especially in the United States, is often not able to take the time or have the proper support to allow her to focus on self-care in the way her body truly needs it. Author Heng Ou, inspired by her own postpartum experience, which followed the traditional Chinese wisdom of zuo yuezi, which translates to “sit the month,” shares how mothers can nurture their physical and mental health in the six weeks following birth in her book The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother. The book, which includes lovely photography and 60 recipes intended to replenish and strengthen post-birth, is broken into seven easy-to-read chapters. A great read, especially during the second half of pregnancy, for both mothers and their partners (or other postpartum support people), The First Forty Days includes pantry and shopping lists to prepare before hand, as well as step-by-step instructions for making everything from bone broth to body salves. It discusses how to approach relationships, setting guidelines for visitors, and asking for help and support from family and friends.” To read the complete review, click here.


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