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W magazine: From Waif to Woman

My new piece for W magazine has been a long time in the making. It’s a personal essay about getting bigger, stronger, and finally learning to like the body I live in. I started writing it three years ago, at the peak of my Functional Fitness-following, deadlift-hefting days. But then I got busy, and then I got pregnant. The strong body I’d built proved itself winningly, carrying me and my child comfortably through forty-two weeks of in utero life. But the article, like many other things, got sidelined.

W magazine asked me to revisit it recently for their “Strong Woman” March 2017 issue. Internally I laughed, because three years after bearing my baby, my fitness is a long way from where it was. Yet I also cheered. It was perfect timing: I was eager — desperate? — to rediscover that ease of inhabiting my vehicle, and the fire that had ignited my private sense of pride.

I can’t pretend the fire is roaring, yet. Having a pre-schooler plus work and marriage demands mean I have to take my triumphant return to physical domination at extreme baby steps. But to quote my trainer, “Slow your roll, sister.” When it comes to waking up a de-conditioned body, baby steps actually might be the wise way to go.

Here’s the piece.

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