• Throughout time and around the world, new mothers have followed special protocols of eating warming foods, retreating at home, and resting in the weeks after giving birth in order to recover fully, prevent depletion and anxiety, and ensure a strong start to life with their child. Today these traditions are a lost art, yet are needed more than ever.

  • In a sea of books focused on caring for the baby, The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother shifts the focus. Inspired by global traditions of postpartum care, it shares 60 recipes to replenish the mother after birth and guides her through the changes in her body, psyche, relationships, and home.

  • Crafting this book with Heng Ou and Marisa Belger was a true collective effort. We three mothers circled up around a common goal: to empower women to seek the care and nurturing they deserve after bringing a baby into the world. A fourth friend, photographer Jenny Nelson, captured the spirit of the book with her lens.

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Meghan & F40D
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UK tabloid The Sun may not always be the most reputable source, but in this case we’ll take it! The Duchess of Sussex has (apparently) called our postpartum book “her bible.” We’re thrilled she can help spread the message of dedicated maternal care wider! The article claims, “She was recommended this book, read it, and then sent... Read More

Now Out: Harmonic Healing!
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Just launched from Rodale Books: A brilliant collaboration I did with renowned healer and subtle medicine guru Dr. Linda Lancaster. Foreword by Terry Tempest Williams, testamonials by Robert Redford and others. Not a bad mix of legends in one book! Dr. L explains how to safely live in a polluted world, tending to your physical, mental, and... Read More

Grit & Grace
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Super stoked to have helped icon of music, fittest-man-in-Nashville, and all around awesome guy Mr. Tim McGraw capture his health and fitness philosophy for HarperWave. He can inspire even the most entrenched couch potato to get after it and change their life! I learned a lot. Stay tuned for a November release. Read More

Jimmy Chin x Hanah
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Oscar-winning Freesolo director Jimmy Chin may not remember but he helped me any my husband meet. He also introduced me to modern Ayurvedic brand Hanah, which brings time-honored Ayurvedic supplement products to busy, stressed modern folks. I loved everything I tried when I wrote about them for The Purist, especially their superb Chyawanprash called Hanah One. This... Read More

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